When the Sun Goes Home

When the Sun Goes Home
Orchard Books (April 2021)

“There will be smiles all round when the sun comes out in this warm and wise tale from talented Japanese artist Momoko Abe.” – Lancashire Post

“Simple, colourful illustrations carry this gentle and touching message.” – Daily Mail

Everyone knows how a day goes.
The sun rises and shines above us with his glorious smile.
At the end of the day, he disappears over the horizon.
But what people don’t know is what the sun gets up to after he goes home . . .
The sun loves to make people happy. But beneath his glorious smile, he doesn’t always feel so shiny. At the end of the day, when the sun goes home, he sometimes feels a little lonely.

The sun believes he has no choice but to carry on shining, no matter what … until one day, disaster strikes. Will anyone hear his call and come to help him?A problem shared is a problem halved in this warm and original bedtime story about friendship, emotions and kindness.

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Also available in French.

FREE DOWNLOAD – When the Sun Goes Home activity sheets.


Teach Primary Book Awards – shortlisted for the Early Years category
North Somerset Teachers’ Book Award 2021 – shortlisted for the Picture Book category



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