Book of the Month: February 2020

Who says that Valentine’s Day is just for grownups to hold their hands and gaze each other over candlelights and roses? Everyone deserves some love regardless you’re big or small on the V-Day. And what’s better way to show your love for someone than giving them a hug? (OK, chocolates are pretty good too.)

This month’s pick is all about the hug (and lack of it) and it involves an adorable pug. It’s Pug Hug by Zehra Hicks (Hodder 2020).


In this book, the Pug’s owner has just left home and Pug is desperate for a hug. So he asks a cat, a rabbit, a hamster and other animals for a hug but no one gives Pug a hug for one reason or another. It turns out getting a hug is very tricky! Maybe Croc will give Pug a hug . . .??



Don’t worry. Pug finds a perfect hug at the end and it turns out everyone wants a pug hug (except the cat)! 

The story is lovely. Perfect for reading aloud to and with young children. But, without doubt the biggest attraction is the Pug. He is just adorable! Zehra Hicks‘ simple yet expressive brush strokes give him so much personality. He also has this irresistible innocence. And all the characters are full of charms and humour. If the pug with pink rabbit ears won’t melt your heart, I don’t know what would. So who wants a pug hug?

Happy Valentine’s Day! 



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